It is necessary to synthesize vitamin C substances. And an indispensable substance for normal fat and protein metabolism.

Properties and stability: it is a colorless long needle crystal, ring melted with urea and thiophene, also with Valerate side chain; very easily soluble in water and ethanol and insoluble in common organic solvents. In the medium-strength acid and neutral solutions can remain stable for several days, poor stability in the alkaline solution. Quite stable at normal temperature, but the high temperature and oxidizing agent can make it lose its activity. Studies by biotin suppliers show that after oral biotin, which is rapidly absorbed from the stomach and intestines, 80% of the biotin in the blood exists in free form, distributed in the body tissues, the liver, the content of the kidney most, a lot Biotin unchanged in urine only a small part of the biotin metabolism of the sulfur oxides and twice the biotin.

Vitamin H Name

Physiological role: Vitamin H in combination with the enzyme that is involved in the fixation of carbon dioxide in the body and carboxylation processes relate to important metabolic processes such as pyruvate carboxylation and in vivo is converted to oxaloacetate, acetyl, coenzyme A hydroformylation, malonyl coenzyme A sugar and biochemical reactions in Fat metabolism. It is also a growth factor for some microorganisms, a very small amount (0.005 1 / 4g) can cause the test bacteria to grow. Raw egg in a protein avidin and biotin, the combined biotin cannot be absorbed by the digestive tract; Cause of the animal’s lack of biotin, seems to lose appetite, glossitis, dander, dermatitis, hair removal and so on. However, there are no cases of human biotin deficiency due to the addition to the food source, therefore intestinal bacteria can also synthesize biotin.

Efficacy: Vitamin H is an important regulatory element for glycogen guide to C vitamin, the combined effects of fatty acids and the metabolism of certain amino acids and can play a role in promoting the synthesis of certain proteins by supporting energy production; support cell growth at the same time, manufacture fatty acid metabolism of carbohydrates helpful for depression and insomnia; also involved in vitamin B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid metabolism; Promote urea synthesis and excretion; improve body immune function.

Vitamin H For Animals

The researchers also found that biotin can promote the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates, allowing them to accelerate into the energy needed by human activities.

In the meantime, the cosmetic raw material suppliers have also found that the biotin with excellent cosmetic effects can lighten the skin, keep nails smooth and so on. This finding is also a great pharmaceutical carve for vitamin C helps. The cosmetics industry is one of the international industry, the total sales of cosmetics international market is much higher than the sale of medicines, the new applications of biotin on biological skin, nail beauty and salons will inevitably lead to increased sales.